Try real-time search that works with any video stream from standard H.264 encoded cameras, NVRs, and VMSs.

Access Control Verification [ access granted ] shows a quick visual summary of every time the door was opened. No more lists of access control events with tedious video buffering.
access granted entry ajar
People & color-blocking [ people in red or blue in Liverpool ] provides a quick summary over long periods of time without noise from passing street traffic. Negative Zones and frequency charts help.
people in red or blue liverpool sidewalk
Deep Learning labeling [ bikes ] are labeled by the most advanced Deep Learning CNNs that continually improve without requiring any changes to your cameras or NVRs.
Lo-res analog cameras Queries like [ people at master bedroom] work even on very old analog cameras by using the H.264 RTSP streams from the DVR.
people at master bedroom
Interest-based video compression ML automatically switches from timelapse → HD video when something interesting happens for the best bandwidth efficiency.
Interest-based Video Compression
Heterogeneous stream playback Play events on the same, accurate timeline from any browser—regardless of camera clock-drift, time zone, resolution, or encoding.
Heterogeneous Stream Playback
NLP date/time queries Natural Language Processing of [ 9am eastern 3 days ago ] or [ 2am to 5am ] makes voice queries simple and fast.
9am eastern 3 days ago
Query Links Fast concurrent review via Query Links that constrain what’s shared while still enabling search refinements within those constraints like [9:54am PST February 16th 2018 to 9:56am PST February 16th 2018 Bart at Railroad I 4 East Bound]
Query Link to Traffic Cameras

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