Multi-location property managers cover 50x more locations and prevent losses.

Shift resources when and where needed

Ella delivered 18x ROI for an 800-location real estate company

Allocate staff to problem areas—when and where they’re needed—based on real-time analytics and alerts to prevent damaging or dangerous events. Camio is a force multiplier, allowing fewer personnel to cover more locations. And flexible pay-per-use pricing makes it affordable.

Dispatch only on true forced open events across hundreds of properties.

Intervene, not just report

$1.36M savings from 63 preempted events for a leading real estate company

Ella learns what’s important to expedite video review and prioritization for 50x greater efficiency—5x faster review and 90% reduction in false positives. Review real-time feeds, act on alerts, and communicate with team members through easy dashboards accessible from any browser on any device.

Use existing cameras for secure, economical deployment

Cover the hot spots without “last ladder” deployment costs

Ella works with existing cameras so there’s no need for costly, complex integrations or proprietary equipment purchases. Simply “light up” existing network cameras for quick, easy real-time video search. The platform is infinitely scalable, capable of thousands of simultaneous camera feeds.

Rest assured with modern IT security

Protocols meet stringent corporate security compliance

Ella uses the most advanced security techniques such as TLS encryption with Perfect Forward Secrecy and 256-bit AES encrypted storage to meet the most stringent IT requirements. Remote access is secure with no open inbound network ports.

Move from passive evidence collection to active security.

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